Introduction to Healthy Living


Here at Bush in 30 Seconds we are all about healthy living! In fact, we are so passionate about it that we decided to start this blog. We cover everything from mental health such as meditation and the law of attraction to physical health such as dentistry and weight loss. We even help you with getting your diet right and staying fit and at your best.

Recently we have been experimenting with nootropics and have been loving those so will bring you more on that soon. I mean just check out the rise in popularity over time:


Essentially, we are health hackers who look to create the best lifestyle possible with minimal time but some hard work. After all, you can not create the life you want unless you are willing to put in the work.

That’s what really seperates us from everyone else, we are not going to make promises that you will get skinny over night. But we will help you to work hard and optimize your health so you can have your dream lifestyle.